Aguilas are located in the South end of the Region of Murcia, to 103 Kms. of the capital. Occupies an extension of 253.7 Km² and is bathed by the Mediterranean throughout of 28 kms. of beautiful beaches. The interior is crossed by mountainous chains forming a steep and unequal landscape.

The annual average temperature is of 25.2 º C, being calm winters and warm summers. Annually the 3,100 hours of sun are surpassed, counting on little precipitations.

Well drawn up modern city and, Aguilas is based on the land that, according to the legend without confirming, occupied old "Urci". In Roman time it is known him with the name "Aquilae" and, later, "Aquila". It belonged successively to "Bastetania" and "Tarraconense". It was in being able of Mastiff, Suevos and Visigodos and belonged to Carthago Espartaria until the Arab invasion. After comprising of the Cordovan Califato and the Kingdom of Valencia he was under dominion almorávide, being including definitively in the Kingdom of Murcia.

Aguilas are between two airports of great tourist activity, the one of Alicante (at ninety minutes) and the one of Almeria (at sixty minutes), both by railcar. Their tourist resources are based on their attractive landscape, of great environmental wealth, their thirty and five coves, where all type of nautical sports, its climate, really exceptional can be practiced, its exquisite gastronomy and its atmosphere, so cosy and as warm as its climate.

Aguilas offer the opportunity to you to enjoy your vacations intensely, specially in winter, in the heat of contact with the nature, in a place that has protected with care its natural patrimony. The purity of their air and the transparency of their waters, under a warm and constant sun, invite at the same time to relax and the adventure.

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